“Tux is uniquely qualified to serve and lead as Montana Auditor. His experience in insurance and as a Montana businessman and sportsman makes him the candidate I will endorse and support in this primary. It has been a long time since someone with extensive and practical experience has run for this office.”

Senator Fred Thomas

Senate Majority Leader, Stevensville, MT

“After reviewing Tux’s references and qualifications, I have determined that he is the most qualified Republican candidate for Montana Auditor. His qualifications not only lend themselves to serving as Montana’s insurance Commissioner but are also the most relevant to serving on the Montana Land Board.”

Rep. Brad Tschida

House Majority Leader, Missoula, MT

“Tux is a sportsman and a great steward of the land. Being his neighbor, I see him mitigating weeds, and methodically taking care of his private land. We need that type of land stewardship on our State Land Board. That is why I am endorsing Tux for State Auditor.”

Rep. Bob Brown

Representative, Thompson Falls, MT

“Tux is the most qualified candidate in the race and is running to ensure Montana’s insurance laws and regulations work to give Montanans more insurance options. His plan to bring more insurance options to Montana is exactly the kind of leadership we need in the Auditor’s Office.”

Rep. Daniel Zolnikov

Chair Energy, Telecommunications, and Federal Relations Committee, Billings, MT

“Tux is a fiscally responsible conservative. I know he will work to cut operating costs and remove bureaucratic red tape in the Auditor’s Office.”

Rep. Carl Glimm

Vice Chair Appropriations, Kila, MT

“Scott Tuxbury has the knowledge and experience to be our next Montana State Auditor. He is not looking at this position to springboard into another political position. He will do a great job and he has my support.”

Tony Cox

County Commissioner, Sanders County

“He is an insurance professional and not a politician.  Scott has worked on legislative issues that are important to the independent agents of the PIA. Those issues and his success working with the Legislature have had a positive impact on consumers and agents.”

Professional Insurance Agents

Board of Directors, PIA West

“I have known Tux for over 20 years, and know he is by far the  person that has the most experience and determination to work for all Montanans.  As a professional he has  been involved in every aspect of the office. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect someone with over 35 years of experience.”

Jim McCormick

County Commissioner, Lewis and Clark County

“My relationship with Scott dates back as far as my insurance license, so some 20 years. If the team that Scott put together in his current position is indicative of the team he may assemble in Helena, it would be a win-win for all of Montana. Scott is a proven leader who surrounds himself with competent people who seek to find a way to get things done for the benefit of their clients.” 

Chris Hindoien

Mayor of Choteau, Teton County

“I endorse Scott Tuxbury for State Auditor/ Commissioner of Securities and Insurance. Scott is exactly the kind of person we need in this position with his extensive knowledge of the Insurance industry. I believe Scott is honest and will treat all Montanans on an equal basis.”

Charles Hinkle

County Commissioner, Granite County

“Scott “Tux” Tuxbury is a perfect fit for this office. His 40 years of service to Montana consumers and small businesses demonstrates his passion and dedication to lower insurance premiums.”

Jim Morren

County Commissioner, Pondera County